30 петък

International Dance Festival "Sofia Dance Fest 2018"

пт, Март 30, 2018 - нд, Април 01, 2018
зала „Триадица”, София



The 7th edition of Sofia Dance Fest will enjoy us with dance performances of whole styles. The venue is in the sport hall „Triaditsa“ Sofia. The dates are 30th, 31st of  Marchand the 1st of April.

SDF is a spectacular and exciting show, which includes competitive and festival part and many workshops for the participants.This is an event, a dances shouldn’t miss. Sofia Dance fest is the 1st festival in Bulgaria, which gives the great possibility to the dancers to show their talent and to be assessed internationality.

The aim of Sofia Dance Fest is to encourage kids and young people to be part of creative activity and to preventive measure against the cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.

The time limit for being part of the fest if the 1st of March. Tickets are are free.Don’t miss this possibility!


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