Department of Visual Arts, Theory and Methodology, Bishop Konstantin Preslavski University of Shumen

National Student Arts Festival, Shumen

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University Gallery - Shumen (map)

“Art as a dream and dreams in art” is the motto of the festival for young talents in the field of art, fashion, music, choreography, theater, photography, cinema – clips and commercials.

The competition “Art as a Dream and Dreams in Art” is open to all 10th, 11th and 12th grade students or youngsters.

The festival is organized by the Department of Visual Arts, Theory and Methodology of the Shumen University ” Bishop Konstantin Preslavski”.

The Student Video Art Festival in 2020 will present its 6th edition with selected productions of participating universities, as well as a selection from the Varna Quarantine Film Festival. The program of the event also provides a creative workshop with the students.

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