Chitalishte "Hristo Botev - 1928"

National Folklore Festival “Gift of Nature”, village of Govedartsi

Chitalishte "Hristo Botev - 1928" (map)

The “Gift of Nature” Festival is already included in the National Calendar of the European Year of Cultural Heritage. It started 2013 on the idea of ​​actors from “Hristo Botev – 1928” Chitalishte in the village of Govedartsi. It presents folklore groups from the Chitalishte in the municipality of Samokov and the country. The festival is organized at the Chitalishte in the village of Govedartsi, Govedartsi Town Hall with the financial support of the Municipality of Samokov

Nature is the greatest master of beauty and wealth. It remains unmatched in every respect and gives everything we need. The only thing we have to do is preserve it.

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