Chuprene Municipality, "Hristo Botev 1897" Community Center - Village of Chuprene

ХV Turlaschki folklore fair “Kada kum prase i ti vrechu” – Chuprene village

Chuprene village (map)

In the village of Chuprene will be held the Turlashki folk fair “Kada kum prase i ti vrechu”. In recent years, the fair has an international character, and this year it will also include groups from Serbia and Romania.

The slogan itself is Turlascki and means that when the godfather promises to the wedding that he will give something, the young family should be ready to accept the gift immediately. In a metaphorical sense, when something is given to you in life, you must be prepared to take it, otherwise you may regret it.

The folklore celebration is not of a competitive nature, but the participation requests have been given to dance and singing compositions for authentic folklore, as well as groups that will present rituals and customs. Individual performers of all ages will also be on stage.

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