17 International Festival of Babugger Masks and Games “Simitliya – Ancient Land of Kukeri”

Evil spirit will not remain in Simitli after the invasion of kukeri, survakari, babugeri, stanchinari groups at the stadium in the city on January 12.

The 17th edition of the Festival of Kukeri Masks and Games “Simitliya – Ancient Land of Kukeri”will be held in Simitli. The event is organized by the municipality and gathers at the stadium in the city participants from the Pirin region. Many of the kukeri, babugeri are involved in similar masquerade games organized in other villages of Pirin. More and more women join the masquerade groups.
Most participants prepare a special choreography for their performance.
A nine-member jury evaluates performers. Along with traditional costumes and masks, there are many modern interpretations.
There is a general belief that terrible masks will chase evil and give way to spring, bring good harvest and good.