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Festival "Vuzduharia"

сб, Септември 05, 2015 - вт, Септември 08, 2015


Inhale and exhale. Air. Catch it.

We – the organizers of “Vuzduharia” 2013, club “Fly Independent”, are changing the location of the festival, this year.

Vuzduharia Festival flies from Sopot to Kalofer.

With the support of Municipality Karlovo and local government of Kalofer town, this year’s edition will take place at the beautiful area “Panitsite”.

The unique for the Balkans festival, aims to show the visitors how they can have more active and environmentally friendly life.

The specifics of “Panitsite”:

  • The phone network coverage is only for Vivacom.
  • After sunset it gets colder. Bringing warm clothes is a good option.
  • To reduce garbage generated from one-time plastic plates and cups, please bring with yourself re-useable dishes.
  • There isn’t plenty of drinkable water. You could buy mineral water from the bar
  • During the festival, there will be specialized two camping zones in front of the stage and backstage. There are also guest houses and cottages in Panitsite area and in Kalofer.
  • The area is highly inflammable, so please set up camping fires only at the specialized zones.
  • The festival is accessible through an asphalt road. Near the festival area there will be a parking zone.
  • The “Start Zone” is near the area of National Park Central Balkan. The road, leading to that zone passes through a preserve. Driving in that area is highly restricted. The festival has permission for only 10 cars, the registration numbers of which will be communicated to Vazduharia terminal. You can also sign up there. All the pilots should use the registered cars to get to the Start Zone.

Antigravity actions:

  • Acrobatic show, demonstrations of famous pilots (in association with APPI)
  • Circus Kumbo
  • Carnival in the air
  • Balloons hunt
  • Bungee jumps from air balloons
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