Ancient Cultures Festival TODORKA’S SUN

Region Valoga, Ohoden village (map)

The ancient cultures festival will be organized for 5 festival days, as during these days the participants will live and create at the touristic bivouac in the immediate vicinity of the archaeological excavations. Within the event’s days round tables and discussion of archaeologists, scientists and representatives from different unities and institutes, working on subjects, bound up with the antiquity and the ancient knowledge, will be organized.

The aim is the latest news to be presented to world of archaeology and the ancient history. The festival days will give the opportunity for a new and interesting view to the ancient and traditional cultures. Artistic reconstructions of ancient rituals and legend will be shown, performed by groups from the country and abroad.
The festival’s form allows it to become an incubator of new touristic visual products for the touristic business in the region and in the country.

The festival will be organized in 3 sections:
– Art section;
– Scientific section;
– Youth experimental laboratory.