17 Saturday

Ayliak Parade

Sat, November 17, 2018 - Sat, November 17, 2018
Park Lauta, Plovdiv, Plovdiv


Ayliak Parade – a parade that expresses the specific attitude towards life that Plovdiv people have encoded into that colourful, resonant concept. And though the parade will take place in Plovdiv in the year in which this beautiful, ancient city will host the European Capital of Culture event, we’d like to see it as a festivity not only for the locals but also for anyone who knows how to enjoy life’s beauty and pleasures and yearns to discover and appreciate the joys of everyday living.

Ayliak Parade is a community art project with the participation of over 300 people of different social status, age, ethnicity, profession or cultural background. Together with an experienced international team of artists, performers and cultural managers (Bulgaria – Great Britain – Italy) they will work actively and creatively on the design, creation, realization and popularization of AYLIAK PARADE.
So far Plovdiv has had neither a parade nor a carnival of its own … So let’s change that, let’s start a tradition. There’s a place and role for everyone – for those who love making things with their own hands (masks, big carnival dolls, costumes, banners), for those whose heart is in the performing (dancers, artists, musicians, performance artists), and also for those who just want to lend a hand to an idea.

The selection of the Trakiya quarter as the first location for the series of discussions is no accident: it was in this quarter, in the Lauta Park, that a mass demo version will take place on 17th November.

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