Balkan Station

Balkan Station Open Air 2020

Svoge (map)
BALKAN STATION is a summer music festival, held in a scenic location, between two mountains – Golema and Ponor. The longest and deepest Bulgarian river Iskar – older than the mountain itself – passes through it. Balkan Station is the name of an abandoned train station close to an etheric rope bridge, a spacious green meadow, and centuries-old walnut trees. It is in this paradise of nature, and far from the stifling concrete jungle, where our special 24-hour music tail will take place.
This year the festival will be on July 4 and 5 and you get to listen over 15 local and internationally acclaimed techno artists play all around-the-clock.
BALKAN STATION was founded in 2010 and this year we celebrate its 10th birthday! It all began as a humble friend gathering of friends and fans of quality electronic music, which grew into a two-day event with 9 editions and over 140 artists. The Balkan Station locomotive is back with full steam for a contemporary and uncompromising music journey crafted by a dozen artists.
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