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BEGLIKA FEST 2018: Ten Steps along the Way 2018

ср, Август 22, 2018 - пн, Август 27, 2018
Lake Golyam Beglik


Whoever has been to Beglika, carries it in their heart and soul. Beglika Fest is in one word: Magic – in every way and mainly the people. The first step was in the year 2008 when Beglika Fest was born. In the beginning, there were 7 organizations and a bunch of enthusiasts. They were called the “Ministry of Freedom“ 🙂
Every progressing step was in the learning of fun – how to emit, to take in, to play, to dance, to reflect and to share the freedom and the beauty.
High strong firs, soft lawns for bare feet, cool glamorous waters and the coasts of Lake Golyam Beglik. In the evening – fire and drums, full moon laid across the dark sky, warm heartfelt stories between unknown friends, who meet once a year. During the day, the music captures you whilst you dance with flailing hair. And perhaps you’ve missed the discussions, seminars, the yoga, the theater of improvisation, the dance of power, and the Tishinavtite [People of Silence] could have long gone back to their island.
However, if you choose to lay on the lenghty lawns captured by the magic observing the human colony that is the people, you are still captured in the happiness to be a part of an incredible whole. Only for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 days during the past 10 years. You keep them in your heart for the whole year, and you wait patientless for the next year.
How do you describe Beglika fest? Beglika cannot be described. It must be experienced.
During full moon again. Next to Lake Golyam Beglik – again.

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