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Bio Rally, Gurkovo

Sat, September 05, 2015 - Sat, September 05, 2015


The History 

The idea was born in 1971 in a lodgings in Sofia, where 3 students from Gurkovo – Stoyan Bogdanov, Ivan Runtev and Ilia Todorov promised to their colleagues unforgettable moments in their home town. And they organized the first bio rally in Gurkovo, on September 10. They have many followers – Peter Mihnev, Atanas Michev, Dobri Kozhuharov, Zlatko Todorov, Kolio Kovachev, Petko Iliev, Nikolay Kolev, Mihail Donchevski, Gencho Mechev, Zlatan Driyanov, Sybi Sybev,Vylcho Hristov, Atanas Andreev and many more.

The Preparation

The participant in the Bio Rally must prepare donkey wagon and decorate it according to Bulgarian traditions. Some of them transform their wagons to space ships, helicopters, ambulances, combines, pirate ships and others.

The Training

Donkeys are trained specially before the rally. Few days before the event, the animals eat stronger food.

The Doping

Is Forbidden. It is not allowed the use of hot peppers and clegs. Before the event, all donkeys pass through vet – teeth, hearth, hooves.

The Race

It has 5 rounds – best decorated wagon, quick hitch and unhitched, race, “Kushia” and pulling with donkey wagon. The Football with donkeys is the most attractive event.

The Awards

The winners earn biofuel and wood for new wagon.

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