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Concert of Omara Portuondo, Sofia, June 12, 2023.

Mon, June 12, 2023 - Mon, June 12, 2023


The grand dame of Cuban music, Omara Portuondo, will perform a concert in Hall 1 of the NDK on June 12 as part of the farewell world tour, which also includes Bulgaria.

In addition to our country, Omara will perform music concerts in Mexico, Brazil, the USA and several countries in Europe.

Omara’s musical career began in the 1950s, and she quickly became famous in Cuba. Thanks to her participation in the album and in the documentary The Buena Vista Social Club, they focused the fans on her and made her famous all over the world. Her solo album The Buena Vista Social Club Presents Omara Portuondo, released in 2000, cemented her position as one of the Caribbean island’s greatest musical ambassadors.

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