Culinary Festival of Flavors and Rhythms TABYET NOVI ISKAR

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Novi Iskar (map)

The TABIET Flavors and Rhythms Festival presents the Balkan way of life through typical cuisine and music. The culinary and music festival offers lots of fun, a variety of culinary styles, folklore and contemporary hits and unforgettable experiences.
The participating companies provide a platform for attractive presentation of a wide range of products coupled with demonstrations, workshops and special events.
Visitors can see the skills of prominent cook chefs, enjoy many culinary delights, have fun with concerts and competitions.
The rich program translates into the world of Balkan cultural diversity and lifestyle.
The festival program includes:

☑ Event with original concept and vision

☑ Stage for traditional and modern cuisine

☑ Business appearance at one of the leading exhibition centers in Southeastern Europe

☑ New opportunities for PR and advertising activity

☑ shortening the distance between manufacturers and users

☑ Emotional encounters with Balkan culture

☑ Thematic dinners of the participating countries

☑ Workshops for Balkan Dances

☑ Interactive games and prizes

☑ Free full-day entertainment

☑ Attractions from the country and abroad

☑ Hints and titles

☑ Overture among popular Balkan orchestras

☑ Exhibitor Areas

☑ Craft areas

☑ Sports zones

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