"Paint with Us" Association

Cultural Festival The River, Svishtov

Svishtov (map)

For a third consecutive year, the Danubian town turns into a playground, a concert hall and a small artist’s studio – all the prerequisites for a magical summer weekend. Introducing children with different arts and crafts, as well as educational workshops in the field of ecology, nutrition and technology are part of the program of this year’s edition.

The festival days offer a cozy artistic atmosphere and entertainment for all ages, and with the money raised, good causes will be helped again. The festival has its own bracelets, with which the owners can enjoy discounts at the partner sites during the event.

The “River” Festival in Svishtov is traditionally held on the last days of August. It is organized by the “Paint with Us” Association with personal and volunteer work and the desire is to encourage the children and their families to have fun and to create together. Work at the festival enables organizers and volunteers to develop good relationships, stimulating more people to engage in volunteer initiatives. The motto is that good and shared art is multiplied, and the gift has deep roots in the heart of every citizen. With the funds gathered during the festival and the support of citizens and small businesses, last year the interior repair of the children’s department of the Chitalishte Library was carried out with a complete renovation of the vision and furniture and enrichment of the book fund for the youngest readers.

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