Archeological complex "Kaleto", Mezdra

Dionysian Feasts “Kaleto”, Mezdra

On the eve of Trifon Zarezan, dozens of people gather in the archeological complex “Kaleto” near Mezdra. The reason is the revival of an ancient tradition – the celebrations in honor of Dionysius and their entanglement in the work of St. Trifon.

Trifon Zarezan is a Christian saint, who protects the wine-growers and winemakers. This Thracian and the ancient feast successfully united this Bulgarian holiday.

Besides the dance and music program, a special drink is prepared for all guests of the holiday – a wine after an old ancient Roman recipe for healing broken hearts with aromatic spices that remain secret.

With a feast combining an abundance of drinks and dishes prepared with authentic recipes in Kaleto, they welcome the sixth edition of the Dionysian feasts.