Early Medival Festival “New Beginning”

village of Neofit Rilski (map)

On the 19th, 20th and 21st of June 2020, the Early Medieval Festival of the Historical Park ”New Beginning” will take place on the grounds of the Historical Park, in the village of Neofit Rilski, near the city of Varna, Bulgaria. Join us in this unique event where we shall celebrate the medieval culture of Bulgaria and Europe. It will include:

⚔️ camp reenactment, with awards for the most realistic campsite

⚔️ mass battles

⚔️ dueling competition

⚔️ bridge fight

⚔️ historical open-air market

⚔️ archery contests

⚔️ competition for the most beautiful outfit

⚔️ musical concerts and various other activities!

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