“Echo in the homeland – George Gorelski” Festival, Tarnava

село Търнава

On August 15 started the third edition of the Municipal Folklore Festival “Echo in the homeland – George Gorelski”. It took place in front of the Community Center in the village of Tarnava. The local people voluntary built an outdoor stage where amateurs, children, students, pensioners introduced their folklore dances. The Cultural Center “Progress 1898” has taken the initiative to build a project, funded by “America for Bulgaria” Foundation.

This project is an answer of the needs of amateurs, children and students for preservation of the Bulgarian traditions. This event immerses us in the magic of local folklore and traditions.

The Municipality Folk Festival “Echo in the homeland – George Gorelski” was held, for the first time, in 2013 and named after the village-born folk singer. Organized by the Municipality of Byala Slatina, City Hall and Cultural Center “Progress” Tarnava village.

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