Apriltsi Municipality, “Light - 1895” Community Center

Feast of bacon and grated rakia, Apriltsi

Apriltsi (map)

Apriltsi will be held the annual feast of the bacon and the grated rakia. The idea of ​​the festival is to preserve the traditions by presenting the typical for the region baked bacon and grated brandy against the background of folk songs, people and humor.

The following contests are included in the holiday: the most delicate bacon (the big prize – live piglet); for the most original dish prepared with bacon; for the most attractively arranged meat of bacon and for the most aromatic, ideal for a degree, tastefully homemade brandy.

Traditionally, guests will also be able to taste the most distinctive part of the festival – the so-called “Babina Gozba”. It is prepared with 30kg of bacon, 500 eggs and 30kg of leeks, mixed in the “big corbadzian pan”.

Come to the celebration that you will be welcomed at the same time with these two words: “Welcome!” And “Cheers!”.