Chitalishte "New Life-1919", Petarch village

Feast of cabbage, Petarch village

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Chitalishte "New Life-1919", Petarch village (map)

The village of Peturch will once again host the already traditional ” Feast of the cabbage ”, organized by the New Life-1919 Chitalishte. The celebration begins in the square of the village, where all residents and guests of Petarch can watch and participate in various competitions: the largest cabbage, the longest cabbage, the most attractive cabbage dishes, a cabbage competition for a salad, a competition for eating cabbage salad, etc.

For the good mood, the organizers of the culinary celebration have provided a folklore program, fun attractions, many awards and entertainment.

The village of Peturch, Kostinbrod municipality, is known for the production of cabbage, and locals call their settlement “The Capital of the Cabbage”. The beginning of the cabbage feast was set in 2007 with the organized “women’s cabbage party”. Since 2008, the cabbage festival is held annually, and various culinary dishes are presented in the culinary exhibition. Guests are invited to taste the longest cabbage and different cabbage specialties.

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