Chitalishte "Hristo Botev - 1941", Sekulovo

Feast of Ethnic Folklore “Sekul Dobrudjanski”/ POSTPONED

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Sekulovo village (map)

For a third year the village of Sekulovo hosts a celebration of ethnic folklore. On May 30, people and oriental dances will be held again, because the Silistra village will once again be the arena of Sekul Dobrudzhanski – the day when the religions and the colors of the skin are irrelevant and the celebration is universal. The last year, “Sekul Dobrudjanski” has gathered hundreds of spectators and dozens of compositions for authentic folklore from the country’s colorful ethnic region. Therefore, the organizers from “Hristo Botev – 1941”, Bobby Angel and Nikolay Iliev continue the tradition with the conviction that unification makes the power. Participants in the program may be individual and group, performing traditional ethnic or folk folklore (Bulgarian, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Japanese, etc.) from all areas of Bulgaria and the world.

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