Velingrad Municipality

Feast of potatoes – Velingrad

Velingrad (map)

A celebration of the potatoes is typical of the region’s dishes, especially in the winter, is organized around Veliko Turnovo for a decade around Dimitrovden when the end of the agricultural season ends. With a hundred kilos of potatoes donated by students from the Vocational School of Economics and Tourism “Aleko Konstantinov” were prepared a lot of dishes, which many guests celebrate.

Today, the potatoes are the most common and rooted vegetable in the world. Potatoes were brought to Spain in the 16th century and originally grown as a medical product, they were considered to be unclean and non-Christian plants, and it was not until 150 years that their cultivation began as the main agricultural crop. Potatoes became popular in Europe thanks to the French Queen Maria Antoinette, who used their color to decorate her toilet, and in New Zealand Captain Cook planted the first potatoes to deny the local population of cannibalism.
The most attractive point for everyone is the large table full of potato treats, ranging from the familiar cream soup to an exotic dessert like caramelized potatoes with butter and orange peel. 33 dishes made possible by the future culinary masters: every fan of the traditional cuisine had a patatnik, potatoes with cheese and sausages or potato meatballs, the new taste tasters found them in a potato salad with basil or stuffed potatoes with cheddar and chicken, and everyone was glad to eat banitsa with potatoes and hot broths with various potato flavors.

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