Pavel Banya Municipality

Feast of Rose and Mineral Water, Pavel Banya

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Pavel Banya (map)

On the territory of the municipality Pavel banya are over 10 active rosary and over 6 000 decares of pink plantations. The well-developed spa tourism and the good conditions for the development of cultural, ecological and rural tourism are the other natural assets of the city. The combination of these factors provoked the creation of the first Rose and Mineral Waters feast in Pavel Banya in 2005, when an old tradition – the National Rose Festival – was revived. It was held in 1966 for the first time in Pavel Banya.

The festival is organized annually within 4 days at the end of the second week of June by the municipality of Pavel Bania under the patronage of the mayor of the municipality. It includes an exhibition of local artists, a bazaar of artistic crafts and products related to rose and rose oil, a folklore festival with international participation, a sports holiday with the opening of Swimming Summer etc. All this is accompanied by many children’s attractions, swings and a bazaar that add extra color to the whole holiday. Every village in the municipality presents its traditions, customs and typical dishes of the improvised “Rural yards”.

In the framework of the Feast, the ritual “Rosbery” is presented in traditional and modern methods. The Cheresh Ball is a spectacular procession of all participants in the holiday together with all the Kukeri municipalities passing through the streets of the city. All of them gather in the city center square among thousands of spectators and present their customs.

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