Chitalishte "Gradina Varbitsa 1894“,

Feast of The Ragged Banitsa, Varbitza village

Varbitsa (map)

Celebration of the most Bulgarian culinary temptation – the banitsa gathers in May masters from all over the country in Varbitsa village nestled in the Central Balkan, and close to the town of Gorna Oriahovitsa.

The festival offers over 120 different kinds of banitsa as well as a rich folklore program and entertainment for the guests. The cause of the delicious initiative is the preservation and popularization of the authentic Bulgarian food and culinary products. Fantastic banitsa makers from all over the country take part in the culinary race for the most delicious banitsa. The way to the first place is tough. Some chefs make even banitsa with loukanka. Awards are distributed in 15 categories.

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