Straldzha Municipality

Feast of the winegrower “Trifon Zarezan”, Straldzha

Straldzha (map)

The traditional Trifon-Zerezan celebration is becoming a town-wide celebration for wine-growers and winemakers. With generous wishes, music and dancing, the traditional Trifon-Zarezan feast is celebrated in Straldzha. The feast begins with the music of the Straldzha orchestra at the Prosveta-1892 Chitalishte.
At the feast, local producers of muscat, and all other grape varieties are present to prepare wine worthy of gods.
King Triphon leads the crowd with wagged wagons and cars to the “Pyasaka” area where the ritual felling is done in the vineyards, where a prayer for health and joy will be performed.