Chitalishte in Nova Cherna village

Festival “Mamaliga”, village of Nova Cherna

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Chitalishte in Nova Cherna village (map)

At the beginning of October, in the village of Nova Cherna, Tutrakan municipality, is held a very tasty festival – “Mamaliga”. The Mamaliga, or better known to the Bulgarians as Kachamak, is one of the favorite dishes of the inhabitants of North Dobrudja.

The first inhabitants of the Tutrakan village of Nova Cherna are migrants from Cherna, Tulcha and Kirno, from where they brought the mammal with them.

The aim of the festival is to preserve the authentic Bulgarian folklore and to present the diversity of Bulgarian folk art in song, dance and dishes. Guests at the festival can enjoy many songs, dances, different recipes for the Mamaliga, and two contests – “The Best, Authentic Apparel” and “The Most Tasty Mamaliga”.

The festival is organized by the village of Nova Cherna and the chitalishte, named after its founder and former mayor Vasil Yordanov.