Municipality of Tsarevo

Festival of Creative Crafts and Arts “Miracle” – Tsarevo

Tsarevo (map)

For the seventh consecutive year, the festival will flourish in the city center and will delight our many visitors and friends, once again offering an unforgettable atmosphere and atmosphere from 12 to 18 August!

– We will give ourselves beautiful moments in the sea breeze of Tsarevo!
– We will share the creativity and art that has filled us over the past year!
“We’ll meet old friends again and make new ones!”
– We will experience the joy of the inspiration!
– And many more surprises and experiences!

Through the creative spirit of the artists, which spreads through our hearts every day, this year the festival will be entitled “Miracle”. You make the festival what it is because you do the things you love. We welcome you to participate with your craft, skill or as a visitor to spread the beauty and inspiration in the miracle!

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