30 Wednesday

Festival of fish and fishermen - Ostrov village

Wed, June 30, 2021 -
Ostrov village, Oryahovo


The Fish and Fisherman Festival in the Danube village of Ostrov, near the town of Oryahovo, is being organized for the fifth year in a row at the end of July. The program includes a culinary exhibition on “Fish on our table” with traditional fish dishes, a culinary competition for “Master Chefs”, a music program prepared by amateur dance groups from different localities.
The municipality of Oryahovo invites everyone who loves fish or just looking for a pleasant walk to join. The village of Ostrov is located nearly 100 km from the town of Vratsa in the direction of Oryahovo, near the border with the region of Pleven.

There is also a culinary exhibition “Fish on our table – traditions and innovation”, in which participants must receive old recipes with fish in the form of modern culinary masterpieces. The jury will taste and evaluate their works.

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