Festival of Modern Art “Colorful Balkan World”

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Hristo Botev Square, Elena

Festival of Modern Art “Colorful Balkan World” will take place in April. This is the fifth edition of the festival. It is a continuation of a project won in 2015 under the Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Arts Program. This project takes place in partnership with the International Organization for Democracy and Human Rights, Oslo, Norway.

The festival builds a bridge between tradition and modernity and is part of the Calendar of cultural events in the Municipality of Elena and Bulgaria.

Festival of Modern Art “Colorful Balkan World” Elena 2020 stimulates the development of cultural diversity in the municipality of Elena. The festival provides an opportunity for the expression of contemporary arts in the context of the cultural identity and cultural heritage of the region. The event will be combined with the European Days of Arts and Crafts. This is an initiative of the French Institute of Arts, implemented in our country through RMA “Central Stara Planina”. This year, the initiative is under the motto: “Inspired by the materials”.

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