Festival of Roses – Karlovo 2017

Streets of Karlovo

The festival of Roses is one of the most important fests in the municipality of Karlovo, dedicated to the beauty, the flowers, the  spring and the fragrance of the invaluable Roses of Karlovo. The tradition to celebrate originates in the beginning of the 20-th century and intermittently has been going up to our days. On the feast  day the town is filled with beauty, high spirits, dancers, songs and the lovely aroma of her Majesty of Rose. The festival starts with the ritual of rose – picking of the rose fields outside Karlovo. It is an authentic, coming from the past dance with the participation of amateur folklore performance from Karlovo municipality. Lovely melodies of bagpipers’ orchestra are heard. The guests are met with some ritual bread and bunch of roses and wild geranium. The koukeri dances (traditionally dressed up masqueraders) create liveliness. On the background of a shepherd’s pipe slow melody, the Queen of the Roses appears. She welcomes the guests and invites them to pick some rose petals from her kingdom. The guests watch the fascinated rose – picking dance. A graceful round dance is played. From the rose – fields, the parade leading by the Queen of Roses get to the centre of Karlovo where local and visiting folk groups fascinate with their songs and dances. There is and Alley of the rose with pavilions where local crafts and productions with the display of rose oil manufacture in the Historical Museum, a productions process in witch the street – smelling flower turns into the world famous attar of roses. The use authentic vessels from the 18-th century. The guests are treated with rose brandy, liqueur and rose jam.


09:00am – Traditional Rose Picking Ritual – the rose gardens near Karlovo city /Folklore program featuring the Rose Valley Dance ensemble/

10:00 am – Open stage entertainment – 20-th July Square /Queen of Rose parade. In the centre of the city, regional amateur dancing and singing performers will present their songs, dances and colorful costumes/

10:30 am – Rose Valley Festival20-th July Square /Rich folklore program accompanied by traditional songs and dances/

11:30 – 01:00 pm – Demonstration and products tasting – Museum of History /Demonstration of rose-oil making and tasting of products from rose/

06:00 – 09:00 pm – The 20-th July Square – Concert show program







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