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Festival "Ot raklata na baba"

Sat, July 06, 2019 - Sat, July 06, 2019
Kutovo, Vidin


In the village of Kutovo, Vidin, for the fourth year will be held the folk costume festival “Ot raklata na baba”. It includes amateur compositions from the entire Vidin region. The traditional festival gathers more and more fans. During the event there is a competition for authentic folk costume from Zlatogorieto. Besides a demonstration of folk costumes, the residents of Kutovo village organize a culinary exhibition, cooking live show and delicious local dishes.

The folklore program presents amateurs from the chitalishte from the neighboring villages – Antimovo, Kalenik, Kapitanovtsi, Koshava, Pokrayna, Slanotran, Vinarovo, Negovanovtsi, Yasen and others.
The “Ot raklata na baba” Festival is held with the support of the Municipality of Vidin and its purpose is to preserve the folk traditions and to preserve the local customs in the Zlatogorieto region.

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