НЧ "Елин Пелин – 1922", с. Байлово, Община Горна Малина, Кметство - с.Байлово и Сдружение "Читалищата в Община Горна Малина -2015"

Folklore festival “Who laughs, lives long”, Baylovo

Once again in Baylovo will take place the Folklore Festival “Who laughs, lives long”. The jubilee and humorous festival annually welcomes residents and guests of the birthplace of writer Elin Pelin. The organizers are Elin Pelin – 1922 NS, Bailevo village, Gorna Malina Municipality, Municipality of Bailovo and Association “Chitalishte in Gorna Malina Municipality – 2015”.

As in the past years, the event continues to preserve Shoppish and Bulgarian folk humor. Here are the sections we can laugh at April 1 and 2:

• A humorous dance of Elin Pelin’s work
• Humor on the art of Elin Pelin
• A humorous song on the work of Elin Pelin

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