Free Festival of Timelessness


“Free Festival of Timelessness” is a FREE festival, self-organized by volunteers. It will be held for the first time this year on 24th, 25th and 26th of July. On the Mayan’s calendar 24th of July is the last day of the year, 25th of July is day of FREEDOM and Timelessness, and on 26th of July begins the New Year.
Three days and three nights we will dive in music, dances, games, alternative cinema, theater, creative workshops, yoga and meditation. There will be stance for free clothes, books, and other material things. The Free Festival aims to show new possibilities and alternatives, to support the creative potential of the people, the free spirit and to connect them one with another. The collective enthusiasm is our driving force, we are counting on self-organization and volunteering. Everybody who shares our idea for FREE FESTIVAL and wants to join is more than welcome to do it. Come to the fest, create new friends and make long lasting memories!

Bands and musicians: Magistri, Mufta, Drunch, Salto na Asphalta, Daa Seed, Toy Letters, Analen Disput, Razhodka po Lunata, Antrakt, Na Kontsi, Zhalti Stakla, Lopatarka, Michel MC, Curtiz Melody, Silent City, Mokushi, Audio Anarchy, Binaural Headset Experiment, PAЯANOïA & TABU Sound Crew, Otzem

WORKSHOPS: Creative workshop; Yoga and Meditation; Inbound Yoga; Love Healing Circle Meditation; Creative Writing with Zelentinkovets; Recycle Workshop; Plant-a-tree Initiative; Workshop “Culinary skills”; Аyurvedic Lunch; Tarot Cards; Ikuashenduna

Mayan Calendar Presentation; Presentation of Cave Clubs, Lections for Smart Consumption; Hitchhiking; Carpooling; Waldorf Education; Social Centres in Bulgaria; Tips for longevity; History of the cooperative movement in Bulgaria.
Solidarity Center – Varna presents: “Cooperatives as form of micro-protectionism”; “Autonomic syndicalism, contemporary forms of self-organization on the working place and direct democracy in the working movements”; “Veganism and politics”

ARTISTS: Forum Theatre, Literature Reading on Stage
DANCE: Transki Ritmi, Antonio Tanov – dances
GAMES: Free games organized by The Bulgarian Beer Pong Organisation.

SLEEPING options:
1. Camping on tents. There will be a camp with shared shelter. Everybody will bring their own tent and luggage for the camping.
2. Hotel “NA KIOSHE” [На кьоше”, Трън]
3. Hotel “ERMA” [Ерма”, Трън]
4. Camp “ERMA” [Ерма”, Трън]
> Those who choose to camp in the city can travel with bus or their own transport up to the village Ezemirci [Ездимирци]

The food and drinks will be brought by EVERYBODY and will be cooked and prepared in the FREE KITCHEN, placed by the two water springs. We are gathering food and drinks on every organizational meeting (Each Wednesday from 20.30 h. in cafee Tedi, street. Buzdludja 34 , Sofia) Most of the prepared food will be vegan/vegetarian
The Free Kitchen also seeks volunteers.

Everybody is welcome to participate and to bring what he/she can to the festival. Come to our organizational meetings – each Wednesday from 20.30 h in cafe TeDi, street Buzdluja 34
Come as a guest or become organizer! 🙂
Participants on the festival: Free Center for Free People, Solidarity center – Varna, Be the change – Pazardjik, Аutonomous School – Sofia, Groups for shared traveling with the help of Municipality Tran.
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Together for anyone and everybody together!


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