Chitalishte „Videlina-1865“, Panagiurishte

III National Festival of the Old Urban and Harnessing Song “Nejni Spomeni”

Panagiurishte (map)

The festival of the old urban song “Nejni spomeni” takes place in Panagyurishte and is one of its kind festival in the region. The main purpose of the festival is to preserve and popularize the old urban song of the last century, to enrich it and revive it for a new life and to bring young people to her lyrics and beauty. Individual performers, duets and singers can participate in the festival without any limitation of age and number of participants.

The festival is of a competitive nature and will be juryed by professionals and gives opportunity for the performance of talented singers from all over Bulgaria. A special prize will be awarded in NF “Nejni Spomeni”, diploma, medals and cups in the categories – individual performers, duets and singing formations; award for artistic presence and for the jungest performer.

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