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International Cheerleading Festival in Ruse

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Ruse (map)

More than 200 cheerleaders will take part in the International Cheerleading Festival in Ruse, marching along Alexandrovska Street during the third edition of the festival. An international cheerleading festival in Ruse started with a procession along Alexandrovska Street. Girls from Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia performing parade compositions will take part. The attractive procession ends on Svoboda Square in front of the Court House, where the official opening of the festival is. The festival continues with the presentation of artistic cheerleading compositions on an improvised stage in front of the Court House.

The third edition of the festival will feature cheerleading ensembles from the country. 8 ensembles from the cities of Sofia, Burgas, Pleven, Razgrad, Tutrakan and the hosts “Extreme” from Ruse and abroad.

In the accompanying cultural and historical program, guests will visit the Eco Museum. They also will enjoy the beautiful Dunav River with a one-hour walk with MK Ruschuk. The International Youth Cheerleading Festival “Ruse – Rhythm & March” is organized by the Municipality of Ruse and the Municipal Youth Home.

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