Gabrovo Municipality, Gabrovo Chamber Orchestra

International Festival – Days of Chamber Music

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Art Gallery "Hristo Tsokev", Gabrovo (map)

The Days of Chamber Music establish themselves as an authoritative forum, where prominent Bulgarian and foreign performers and composers meet, and the synthetic concerts, including music and poetry, the master classes of prominent pedagogues and the accompanying exhibitions of great Bulgarian artists, contribute to the festival opening to a wide range. and a diverse audience. Since its inception in 1976 until today, this is the most extensive festival program – 9 concerts, with an extremely diverse and wide range of genres. The aim is to satisfy almost all tastes and desires of the highly educated Gabrovo audience, which during the festival evenings fills out questionnaires and thus indirectly influences the programming of the Days of Chamber Music and the season of the Gabrovo Chamber Orchestra. Some of the concerts have their own motto, which will help everyone who will cross the threshold of the festival hall for the first time to find their way more easily in the musical messages. In this way, the organizers from the Municipality of Gabrovo hope to provoke the curiosity of young people and they will become a future audience of this festival – a trademark of high culture.