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International Festival of Folklore Costume

Fri, August 21, 2015 - Sun, August 23, 2015
Zheravna, Kotel


The festival was created in 2008 with the idea of ​​Hristo Iv. Dimitrov – producer, choreographer and director of the National Folklore Ensemble “Bulgare”. He was inspired by his old Bulgarian custom wedding. All 400 guests attended to the wedding were dressed with Bulgarian folk costumes. This motivates the creator of “Bulgare” with the help of his partners to organize more major event which enables anyone who wants to put Bulgarian costume and run away from nowadays civilization.

Jointly with the brand “Bona fide”, Municipality Kotel and Zheravna Hall, the Foundation organizes the annual International Festival of folk costume, whose first edition was in August 2008. The festival is a private initiative and is supported by the proceeds from the entry fee and donations. Every year dozens of sponsors and media partners contributed to the successful organization of patriotic initiative in Zheravna.

The Architectural Preserve Zheravna is selected for a center of the festival. In 2008 he concluded a 30-year contract with the municipality of Kotel to use part of the area near the village Dobromeritsa for the event. The festival area is located in a pine forest on Mount Dobromeritsa. The festival longs three days – Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The attendance to the festival is a voluntary but there are strong rules, in order to approach to the Bulgarian lifestyle before 100-150 years. The main requirement of the festival is wearing a folk costume. The importation and the use of many objects of modern life are is forbidden. The use of mobile phones is allowed only in special places. Filming with cameras and mobile phones is forbidden too. There are professional photographers and any guest has free access to the site with the photos – The aim of the organizers is to achieve the typical atmosphere of the years of our national Renaissance.

„Фестиваленъ вестникъ”(Festival paper) was released in 2010 as a free informational edition of the festival. It contents the festival program, rules, updated information and entertainment pages. The newspaper contains 8 pages and is published by “Bulgare”. Every guest of the event receive a copy of the paper on the entrance of Festival of folk costume.

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