The Slavonic Literary and Artistic Academy

International Festival of Poetry “Slavic Embrace”

Varna (map)

This is an international project, which was launched in 2007 in Varna. The Slavyan Literary and Artistic Academy, which now has branches in all 11 Slavic countries as well as in 5 other European countries, was established. The main purpose of the forum is to bring together cultural values ​​based on the common language and the cultural heritage of the Slavs.

The International awards “Flying Feather” and “Atlas of Slavic” are awarded in Varna. Such festivals are organized in Warsaw, Moscow, Riga, Belgrade and others. These include roundtables, concert programs, author’s recitals, chamber theatrical productions, exhibitions of translated and published books, exchanges among leading art publications in the Slav world. The International Festival of Poetry is held annually with the participation of authors from most Slavic countries – Bulgaria, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia.