Consultation and Communication Agency, Tsarevgrad Turnovski Municipal Tourism Agency, Veliko Turnovo Municipality and Ministry of Tourism

International Festival of the Traveling Film “On the East Coast of Europe”, Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo (map)

The International Tour Film Fest Bulgaria “On the East Coast of Europe” is a festival for producers and is held every year within the framework of the exhibition “Cultural Tourism” in Veliko Tarnovo. The presented video productions cover all types of tourism: sports, rural, religious, spa tourism, cultural-historical, extreme, mountain and sea, ecotourism and others.

The mission of the festival is to present and stimulate the production of professional film tourist products and to promote the trends in the audiovisual culture in line with the needs of the business. Following this mission, the event combines several activities. The competition section includes five sections: Nature and Ecotourism; Sports and Adventures; History and Culture; Faith and Traditions; Corporate Travel Movie / Clip. The productions that participate in them must be tourist-themed and created not earlier than three years ago with technical parameters and duration for each category.




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