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International Folklore Festival "Nishavsky Horodvod", Dragoman

Thu, May 23, 2019 - Thu, May 23, 2019
Dragoman, Dimitrovgrad - Serbia, Dragoman


The International Folklore Festival “Nishavsky Horodvod” is held every year on the eve of May 24th simultaneously in the town of Dragoman / Bulgaria / and Dimitrovgrad / Serbia /. The festival is a folklore celebration of the inhabitants of the Nishava river. Managed by a Bilateral Organizing Committee. Honorary President of Nishavsky Horodvod is Academician Prof. Manol Todorov. 

The purpose of this most significant cultural event for Dragoman is to show the ancient culture of the region and the aspirations of the people on both sides of the border to live in peace and understanding. The main idea, since its creation, is for people to understand more about the folklore and historical past. Population with a close ethnography, traditions, speech, clothing and customs, a population of ancient culture and deep roots.

Dances, songs, music, verbal folklore and many more surprises await for you at the International Folk Festival “Nishavsky Horodvod”.


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