XXI International Masquerade Festival “Kukerland” – Yambol 2020

Yambol (map)

The international masquerade festival “Kukerland” arrives in Yambol on 27 February and ends on 01 March. The festival is one of the largest in Bulgaria. Kuker’s games are emblematic of the city and invariably connect with the Feast of the Crusades, with the routines of banishing the evil forces, welcoming the spring and waking up the earth.
The Yambol City Park in just 4 days becomes Kukergrad, which gathers kukeri, sourvakari and bulwarks from the country and the world. Over the years, representatives from Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Ireland, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Indonesia and others have participated.
Welcome to Yambol to meet and enjoy Kukeri traditions and costumes. We assure you that after the festival the evil forces will be exorcised not only by the city, but by yourself.