Municipal Youth House, Rousse

International Youth Dance Festival “Severina”

Municipal Youth House, Rousse (map)

The Youth Dance Festival “Severina” conserves, develops and popularizes the Bulgarian national traditions and established itself as a significant cultural event in the cultural calendar of the Municipality of Rousse.

Municipal Youth House in Rousse and the “Zora” Folk Dance Studio organize the Severin Youth International Dance Festival in early October. The aim of the festival is to preserve and popularize the Bulgarian folk dances of Bulgaria, to encourage authors, choreographers and performers to create and perform new dance works.

The festival strives to enrich and diversify the repertoire of the groups and to extend their concert life in the country. It stimulates the interest of more and more young people towards folk wealth and encourages the continuity of the young generation to actively communicate with folklore – to preserve and pass on to the generations to come.

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