IV folk festival “Greyana rakia and cabbage soup from the old time”

Bobovo (map)

The chitalishte in Bobovo organize IV folk festival  “Greyana rakia and cabbage soup from the old time”. It will be held on February 23, Saturday at 11.00. There will be competitions for “Best rakia”, “Best Tasty Soup”. A minimum of 300 ml must be offered from the rakia brandy and at least 1 liter of the cabbage soup. There are no rules for their presentation. Each participant presents an authentic dishes.

Emphasis in the program of the folklore festival will be the “Best traditionally dressed young man” competition. Only boys or men in traditional costume (authentic or stylized) can participate in it. The participant should be able to present his costume – from which region he is and from what elements it is composed. Anyone wishing to participate in the contests should send a pre-order by 15.02.2019.