IX World Fireworks Championship

Only experienced pyrotechnicians who have the talent to create art with fireworks can take part in the latest fireworks championship. The open consists of three participants, representatives of individual countries. All teams are offered with uniform and collecting materials such as quantity, effects and type, so that the base of their chosen melody can present their fantasies. The minimum limit for the continuation of the music show is three minutes.

Each team prepares a two-minute show “Freestyle”, which is not evaluated by the jury. After a short break, there is a 7-8 minute music show with fireworks, which is evaluated by the jury. Because everyone chooses a musical background, each performance is unique. Through various combinations of effects, height and size of the fireworks, an endless opportunity is created for the development of team opportunities to show their art and mastery, which illuminates the sky over Panagyurishte in the festival evenings.