villages in Tundzha Municipality

“Kukeriada-Tundzha” The Kukeri Valley “

villages in Tundzha Municipality (map)

Kukeriada is a festval of the authentic traditions, presenting the mystery of the Kuker games. It is an opportunity to feel the unique atmosphere of the Tundzha villages in Tundja municipality, well known as the Land of Kukeri.

The National Kukeri Festival is an annual event of a competitive nature for all kuker groups from the Tundzha Municipality. Kukeriada does not have a standard and static competition program, but is a multi-layered and dynamic celebration of the authentic kukeri tradition with projections in all the settlements of Tundzha municipality where the unique masquerade games are revived.

For the year 2019 the Kukeriada is planned to start in the village of Chargan – one of the villages of the Tundja municipality with strong Kukeri traditions. The three-day program of the festival includes events of a competitive nature whose conditions of participation are governed by separate statutes and regulations, as well as those without a competitive nature, initiated on the basis of the Kukeri tradition.

On the day of its opening – 22 February / Friday / at 18.00, the symbolism and customs of Sirni Zagovezni will be recreated in a unique way by the folk ensemble “Tundja”, based on the local traditions in the performance “Tundzha, kukeri land”.

The contest program, called “Kukeriada”, will be held on the second holiday day – February 23 at 9.00 am, again in the center of the village of Chargan. The groups will compete for the Grand Prix of the Festival – Golden Kuker’s bell with a cash prize of 1000 leva. All participating groups will receive awards and monetary bonuses to preserve and promote the authentic Kuker tradition.

Within the framework of the National Kuker’s Day, participants and guests will be able to see exhibitions of crafts related to kukeri – making belts, bells, sherds and others.