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kvARTal Festival

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Sofia (map)

“kvARTal festival” changed part of old town Sofia for the fourth time. The cultural heritage and the richness culture, architecture and history of the creative area of ​​the kvARTal are at the heart of the festival.

During the event a part of the center of the capital is transformed – with new unsuspected locations, organizing an attractive and intense program, interesting spaces and with the participation of many artists. “kvARTal festival” is an alternative holiday of the capital, which transforms the carriage between Maria Luisa Blvd., Rakovski Blvd., Slivnitsa Blvd. and Levski Blvd. in the middle of September. Various workshops, lectures and performances, accompanied by a lot of music, gourmet and bar tours in the active ateliers, cultural and sports centers, galleries and restaurants are provided in the program. The purpose of “kvARTal” is to make the area safer and more appealing.


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