Lazar rosary – Bratsigovo, in April

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Bratsigovo (map)

Lazar rosary – Bratsigovo will be held this year in April.

We are pleased to invite you for another year of Lazar rosary – Bratsigovo. It is the traditional holiday of unique, eternally alive and inexhaustible in its diversity Bulgarian dances.

The event will take place on Lazarus Day on the central square in the town of Bratsigovo.

Folk dances create relationships of unity between people, unite them in one community and meanwhile help the development and proper functioning of the heart and lungs, muscles and overall coordination of the body, an impact similar to that of dynamic sports – aerobics, fitness and other contemporary dance forms. Folklore is the greatest wealth that has remained since the creation of Bulgaria as a country. This is a reason for national pride in front of the whole world.

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