Museum "Hristo Botev" Kalofer

Men’s Horo – Kalofer

Kalofer (map)

One of the most attractive Bulgarian feast at the beginning of the year. At the feast of Jordan, the men of Kalofer will take the cross from the river and give it to the youngest child. All men play a Bulgarian horo in the icy waters of the river under the rhythm of the bagpipe and drum.

Why are still bold and determined men playing in the icy waters of Tundja under the sounds of bagpipes and drums. Nowadays, “Men’s Horo” is not just a worship of ancestors and the preservation of centuries-old tradition. Demonstration of the strength and prowess of healthy and proud men united in a brotherly chain, hand in hand, singing folk songs. These are the Bulgarian heroes who keep the spirit of Botev and Levski, and will be tomorrow’s guardians of Bulgaria.