MONTFIZ and Sozopol Municipality


Sozopol (map)

The tenth edition of the annual international MONTFIZ Art Fest includes several workshops on: Acting, Stage Speech, Behavior of the Body, Effective Communication, and so on with some of the best practitioners and pedagogues from the USA, Russia and Bulgaria. Every day there are candidate student consultations with the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts professors, while every night – performances of amateur theater schools.
The festival aims to contribute to the development of practices for training of personal qualities, skills and means of expression through techniques of acting, and these techniques to be applied in different areas of professional life. Participants in the festival can be individuals wishing to be part of practical training or candidate student consultations, as well as groups, that could attend the workshops and consultations, but also that can take part in the theater performances.
To participate in the training you do not need any preliminary experience. It is suitable for everyone. Every day the program provides practical training in acting technique of speech, body behavior, breathing techniques and staging of voice, effective communication, creative thinking and writing courses for preparation and application in euro projects and others. The trainings are conducted by experienced professionals, coaches and pedagogues from home and abroad.
If you have children under 12 years old, they are provided with all-day activities in acting, artistic expression, stage movement and rhythm. Many entertainment games are featured in their program. Throughout the day, teachers and a coordinator take care of them so their parents can attend the workshops they prefer.