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Municipal celebration of the traditions "Fashion changes, folklore remains"

Sat, June 22, 2019 - Sat, June 22, 2019
General Inzovo village, Tundzha Municipality


The municipal celebration of the traditions “Fashion changes, the folklore remains” will take place in the village of General Inzovo. The aim and the idea of ​​the celebration are related to the establishment of the folklore richness of the Municipality of Tundja in the contemporary way of life. It is a different look and a reading of the Tundzha dance, music, culinary and applied art.

Participation in the celebration is voluntary, but anyone who enters it is obliged to observe the rule of being dressed in costume (authentic, stage or stylized). Participation with costumes from other countries is also allowed.

The villages from the territory of Tundzha Municipality are presented both with authentic costumes and traditional dishes typical of each of them. The holiday is held under the patronage of the Mayor of Tundzha Municipality and the mayor of General Inzovo village.

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