30 Thursday

Municipal Festival "The Magic of Mezdra"

Thu, April 30, 2020 -
Mezdra, Bulgaria Square, Mezdra


The art festival in the town of Mezdra will be traditionally held in early May and is aimed at children and youth of the municipality. Alumni of kindergartens, schools, community centers, as well as youth groups and individual performers up to 29 years of age have the right to participate in it.

The festival takes place in two days – the first day is the Day of Fine Arts, in which participants work in two directions: “Drawing” and “Modeling” on a given topic. The participants work in the schools, the Center for Personal Development, AK “Kaleto” and the community centers in the Municipality, and the works are brought and handed over to the organizers in the building of the municipal administration. An exhibition of festival works opens in front of the Municipality building (and in bad weather inside the building itself).
The second day is the Day of Performing Arts, when in front of the residents and guests of the city are organized concerts with performances by groups from kindergartens in the Municipality of Mezdra, groups from the Center for Personal Development, school and community groups and individual participants.
Participations in three directions can be requested for the concert program: personal literary work (poetry and short prose); recitative and theatrical mastery; song and dance art.
During the two days of the festival, the young photographers from the Municipality of Mezdra can take pictures of the events of the festival and send their photos to the municipality.

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